Month: June 2012

I Have a Hope!

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Another great weekend this last Sunday playing with the Cross Church – Pinnacle Hills Worship Team!  I am definitely blessed to be playing with these folks.  They are simply awesome!

We also got to play one of my favorite groovin’ songs – I Have a Hope.  Matt did a great job singing, Isaac was slammin’ on the drums, Johann was cool as always on the keys (while leading the band) and the rest of the team – just fantastic. ….And me?  Well – I just got to groove along that bass line!

It’s the first song on the video – so check it out.  It was a lot of fun to play.  We also did it as our exit (or walk out) tune, which isn’t on the video, but was a fun funky tune.

The rest of the worship set was pretty awesome.  I love praising my Savior through music!

Love my God!  Love my church!  Love the team!

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Em’s Words of Wisdom #7

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April pulled out the VCR and tape to show the girls what their mom looked like during dance recitals at their age.

Emily: “What IS that!?”

April: “A VHS tape for the VCR.”

Emily: “Quit talking gibberish. I don’t understand.”

April: “It’s what we had before DVDs.”

Emily: “Oh my, that’s ancient.”

Ava’s Awesome Antics #9

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“I have a cricket in my neck!”

-Ava, 4, after she slept funny