Month: March 2011

It’s Time for Eat!

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The other night, I sent Ava back to tell Jason that it was time for dinner.

She trapsed back to his office and I could hear her yelling loudly, “It’s time for eat!  It’s time for eat!” over and over.

Yet, Jason never came out.

After several minutes, I went back to check to see why he never came out, because it was clearly communicated repeatedly by Ava.  Everyone in the house heard “It’s time for eat!”

When I got to his office, it all became clear.

He was jamming out on his bass guitar with his Bose headset on.  When I asked him if he heard Ava, he said no.  Apparently, the “noise cancelling” part of the Bose headset was working really really well.


It Needs to Be Said!

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Life is too short.  Too short to not say the things that need to be said.

Today, we laid to rest Grandma Sanders (April’s grandmother).  It was a beautiful funeral.  She passed peacefully earlier this week.  Fortunately, the  family had notice and she passed with her children and some grandchildren around her. We had plenty of time to say the things that should be said.

Grandma Sanders, Em, and Ava - March 2011April, I, and the girls were able to drive down on the Sunday prior and spend some time with her.  April and the girls loved on her and said, “I love you”.  I was able to get my hugs in too and told her that I would take good care of the girls. These are the things that needed to be said.

Unfortunately, life does not always give us the time or opportunity to say what needs to be said or do what needs to be done.

My challenge for you is Carpe Diem.  Seize the Day. Tell the people that mean something to you just how much they mean.  It could be a spouse, child, parent, BFF or other that you love dearly.  Tell them. It could be a friend, colleague, co-worker, or other that you appreciate.  Tell them. Don’t wait. Tell them. And tell them often.

So, who do you need to tell?  Say it. Shout it. Write it.  Email it.  Text it.  IM it.  Whatever.  Just DO IT!

I would like to take this moment to let you know how much I appreciate you for reading this blog, commenting back on it, and sharing our family’s life with us.  Now, I am going to go love on my wife and babes.

And Away She Goes!

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Today was a milestone.  After 3 years of on-again, off-again attempts to teach Emily to ride a bicycle, “We have liftoff!”

I don’t know what it was about today, but somehow the moon, planets and stars aligned, because she took right off in our first attempt!  Even with 15 mph cross winds, she was amazing!  It’s like she’s been secretly training without anyone knowing.

Previously, she really didn’t have an interest in learning and I think I was pushing a little hard on her trying to learn so she could ride with her friends.  We tried sooo many different techniques, and to be quite honest, it was a bit frustrating for me.  But the more she crashed, the more she didn’t want to ride.  And I took it a bit personally, because I just couldn’t figure out to coach her to success.

So, here is what I have learned out of this whole ordeal.

1)  Your child will learn to ride a bike when they’re ready.  Be patient.

2) A great technique that April found on Google (that ultimately worked for us) was to wrap a towel around the child’s waist to use as a “handle” for the parent.  It allows you to hold snugly on to the child (which makes them feel safe) and in case of a crash, you can pull them to safety and keep them from getting hurt.  When it’s time to let go (while running alongside), you just gradually loosen the grip of the towel until you just let one end go and pull the towel out.  Works like a charm.  Will use this with Ava when she’s ready.

3) The feeling of seeing her speed away under her own power and control is an overwhelming feeling of triumph for both parent and child!  The smile on her face when she was doing it on her own will stay with me forever.

I am so proud of Emily for taking this step and succeeding;  trusting me to teach her; and having the courage to get back on the bike time and time again.  Go Em!

What Kind of Animal Was That?!

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On our two-hour drive home from great Grandma’s house, we were able to enjoy great scenery with the Spring colors starting to come out and lots of wildlife.

At one point during the ride, the conversation between April and I went something like this:

April:  “Did you see that animal?”

Jason:  “No.”

April:  “It was on the side of the road.”

Jason:  “I didn’t see it.”

April:  “It had the head of a beaver.”

Jason:  “What?”  [doing a double take and looking in the rear view mirror]

April:  “It had the head of a beaver.”

Jason:  “And the body of a …?”

April:  “I don’t know.  There are no dams nearby so it can’t be a beaver.  What could it be?”

Jason:  “No idea.  Did it have webbed feet?”

April:  “I don’t know.  I couldn’t see it’s feet.”

Jason:  “Was it a platypus?”

April:  “No.  Try something that lives in this region.”

Jason:  “And it had the head of a beaver?”

April:  “Yes.”

Jason:  “Then it could only be on thing.”

April:  “What?”

Jason:  “A BEAVECOON! Head of a beaver.  Body of a raccoon. Makes a hissing noise like, ‘kssssss’.”

[Dozens of minutes of laughing and giggling]

SIDENOTE:  Beware! The Beavecoon really does exist. I saw it on iCarly.

Great Time with Grandpa!

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What a great time last night!!  My dad (affectionately known as Grandpa) was able stop in for a few hours while on a business trip to spend some time with the family.

We always love it when he can spend time with us because he is a tad on the crazy side, and not the straight-jacket-talking-to-yourself-while-wearing-aluminmum-foil-on-your-head kind of crazy, but the oh-my-gosh-I’m-crying-because-you-are-making-me-laugh-so-hard kind of crazy.  And when my dad and I each serve up our antics and start playing off of each other….look out!

My dad is a great grandpa to the kids.  He spent time tonight playing soccer with the girls, talking about what was going on in their life, and doing just plain ol’ silly stuff that grandpa’s do to entertain their granddaughters.

April and I whipped up a great steak dinner (if I do say so myself) with all the trimmings and we had fun conversation at dinner storytelling about the past events of our lives (the “do you remember when”…) and talking about future plans.

After dinner though, was my favorite part of the night.  I don’t know how it started, but it turned in to a snowball of hysterical laughter.  We were taking pictures of the group with our iPhone and between my dad’s antics, Emily’s odd sense of timing in snapping pictures, and the off the cuff commentary by the rest of us, we all ended up crying because we were laughing so hard.

In looking back at last night, I can tell you that we couldn’t have planned it any better.  The laughter and love were so prevalent that this will definitely go down in the memory book as one of those Great Times with Grandpa!

Daddy is a ….?

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I love talking with my 3-year old because she always says the funniest things.

Today, we were looking at a book where she was identifying boys and girls by the pictures.  She got a couple wrong, so to reinforce the lesson, I started to tell her the following:

“Mommy is a girl…”  To which she nodded and smiled.

“Emily is a girl…”  To which she nodded and smiled.

“Ava is a girl…” To which she nodded and smiled.

“And Daddy is a ….”

“MONSTER!” she yelled with a big grin.

When I finally stopped laughing, I was sure to tell her that Daddy is a boy!

Ava's best monster face!

A Little Art to Spruce Up the Place

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Today was Emily’s Parent Teacher conference. We had an opportunity to sit down with Em’s teacher, Ms. Dewey, and hear wonderful things about our daughter. She’s doing great in school with all A’s, is a good student and friend, and is maturing nicely. She’s a little social butterfly, which sometimes leads to her biggest challenge, which is talking too much. (no clue who she get’s that from)

On the way out, we were walking through the front hall of the school, which always displays great art by the kids.  This time though, we were in for a treat.  Emily had one of her pieces front and center right near the front door.

It was a great picture of her and her friends cheerleading for the Razorbacks (click on the pictures to see a larger image).  She also wrote a creative little article with it.  You never know how your kids are going to turn out, but right now I am thinking she is leaning towards the brainy/artsy type. We love her and are very proud of her.