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Last Dinner of 2013 – And It Was AWESOME!

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What do you do for the last dinner of 2013?  Take the family somewhere they’ve never been before.

For us, it was taking my parents (Grandpa and Buela) and the girls to SHOGUN JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE!  What’s better than a cook flipping spatulas and knives around while trying to pitch a shrimp in to your mouth?  The girls had never been and you can tell by this picture that they were impressed!

Photo Dec 31, 8 52 40 PMPhoto Dec 31, 5 50 17 PM







Ava and Emi both mastered using a single chopstick to spear their steak!

Photo Dec 31, 6 15 57 PM

My dad, the nut, asked the cook what his name was.  The cook said, “Chris”.  My Dad says, “Is that Japanese?”  He responds, “No, Korean.”  Love a chef with a sense of humor – as long as he doesn’t mess with our food.  All in all – it was a great time and great food!  Memorable meal for the last day of the year!  Happy New Year!!!

Photo Dec 31, 8 52 34 PM


And We Have Come Full Circle

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I remember the days before cell phones.  I remember either calling from a pay phone (a concept I had to explain to my kids) or not talking to anyone until you got there.  In fact for the longest time, my Grandma had a rotary dial phone.  I remember it taking forever to dial someone.

I remember the days of talking to friends on the phone and wrapping myself up in the telephone cord.

I remember when it was cool to have a “cordless” phone with a telescoping antenna.

Photo Dec 28, 9 22 22 AM

Then enter mobile phones.

First the bag phone.  Then the 20 lb hand held cell.  Then the handset.  Then the flip phone.  Then they gradually became slimmer and smaller and do more and more.

My kids don’t know a world without (cordless) mobile phones.

Until this Christmas.  One of Emily’s favorite gifts is a handset that makes her iPhone a “corded” phone.   She can wrap herself up in her cord as she talks with friends.

And now we have come full circle.


Jackson Family Christmas 2013

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What an awesome Christmas Season this year!

We were able to spend time with Mimi’s family on Christmas Eve at Uncle Bobby’s place and then continue on down to April’s parents in Mayflower, AR.  Christmas Day included a Sanders side get together filled with games, giveaways, and tons of food!  Love us some Gipson and Sander’s family!  April’s brother, sister-in-law and niece (Destiny) also stayed at Mimi and Papa’s for the holiday.

On Sunday, we took time to read the story of Jesus’ birth out of the gospel of Luke.  It’s so important to remember what this day is all about first and foremost.

Santa visited Mimi’s and Papa’s and brought all kinds of goodies.  And those awesome explanations from surprised children make it all worth it! 🙂  Karaoke is now in the house!!

On the 26th we headed back to NW Arkansas to get ready for Jason’s parents that arrived on the 27th.  More great times already with Grandpa and Buela here!  Ava got the art set of a lifetime! (actually it was bigger than her end to end).  AND Emi got one of the best gifts ever (2nd only to her popcorn machine) – a hot dog cooker (see pic below).

We love being around our family and spending time!  Looking forward to many fun Christmas’ and holidays to come!

Get the 2013 Jackson Family Annual Update

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Merry Christmas to all!  

Instead of sending out a Christmas card with a single photo of the family, we have gone back to the Jackson Family Annual Update to share with you some of the brief highlights of our year.  Simply click the link below to download.  We hope that you enjoy!!

2013 Jackson Newsletter

We love hearing your stories too, so please share back what’s going on with you and yours!  And remember – continue following us here for real time updates throughout the year.

The Jacksons

Ava’s Awesome Antics #16 (Man in the Box)

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I was rehearsing for Sunday’s worship set when Ava came in to the music room. After a minute the following conversation ensued:

Ava: Dad, play my favorite song please.

Me: Which one is that?

Ava: You know, the one that has Jesus and Alleluia.

Me: Which one? There’s many.

Ava: You know, the one the man sings?

Me: What man?

Ava: You know, the man with the other man that plays guitar.

(I’m completely dumbfounded by this point)

Me: Which man?

Ava: You know, “the man”

Me: Can you tell me more about which man?

Ava: You know, the man that sings Jesus and Alleluia and when he’s done he goes and sits in the box.

Me: [Silence……]

Until it hits me. Without saying a word I turned my iTunes to the song Baby Boy, which was sung recently by Michael Forehand at Cross Church. Michael is a beautiful singer, but he’s also our sound guy (audio engineer) and when he get’s done singing he goes and sits at the audio mixing station, which just so happens to be in the shape a box.

Her face lit up and we enjoyed the song.  Me on bass and Ava on drums.  What a moment. 🙂

While this story may not make sense to many of you, what it did for me was show me the perspective of how my six-year old sees the world.  What a wonderful perspective it is. 🙂

And, henceforth and forevermore, Michael shall be known as the “Man in the Box”.


Emi’s Words of Wisdom #10

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Whilst debating who knows more about Apple (the company), Emi (11) attempts to end the argument by saying:


Emi:  I know who knows EVERYTHING about Apple.

Dad:  Oh?  Who?

Emi:  Morgan Freeman


What??  I couldn’t even think of anything to say to argue with her logic.  Debate ended.

Ava’s Awesome Antics #15

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Dad:  Ava, where’d you get all of this energy?

Ava (5):  From the cookie cake.  It makes me hyper and sassy.