Month: September 2011

Emily is Awesome. Just Ask Her.

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I love it when Emily brings home her school work. ¬†It’s so telling about what she thinks.

The other day, she brought home this little work sheet.

And as you can see, Emily thinks she is awesome!

Happy my little girl has high self-esteem!

I’m glad her mom’s awesomeness is rubbing off on her! ūüėČ


Ava’s First Goal

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Ava had her first scrimmage today – 3 v 3 kiddo soccer.

And as you can imagine, it was pretty funny. ¬†There’s nothing like watching a bunch of 3 year olds chase the ball all over the field.

Ava knows her job though.  She knows to drive it to the goal.

And drive it to the goal she did.  TWICE!

When she went for a third score, she was clothes-lined by a kid on the other team. ¬†Both of them went tumbling down. ¬†She looked up at me with that panicked look – should I cry? ¬†I yelled, “That was awesome!” ¬†A big grin erupted across her face and she ran over and gave me a high five.

We did find one thing she needed to work on. ¬†As she was chasing down the other team’s players with the ball, they happened to score. ¬†She immediately frowned and ran over to me. ¬†She started sobbing, “I couldn’t get it.” ¬†After some reassurance, she was right back at it.

April said that before she left tonight, Ava said, “Mommy, I am going to kick a goal. ¬†I promise.” ¬†I was ecstatic to see she was right.

First Soccer Game of the Fall Season

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Today was the first soccer games of the Fall season.

Ava tore it up in Little Kicksters. ¬†They aren’t really playing games yet, but are having lots of fun.

Emily is in a new soccer league this year. ¬†The U-10 girls are bigger and faster than she’s experienced before, but fortunately she has a good coach, a good team, and will learn a lot this year.

Em’s team won 9-0 today. ¬†She played both forward and defender today and definitely got a work out.

What a great way to start the season!

Razorback Football is Back!

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April and I were absolutely thrilled for the return of another Arkansas Razorbacks football season!  The roar of the crowd!  Excitement in the air!  Oh, how we have missed you!

And the HOGS did NOT disappoint in their season opener against Missouri State!

Granted we were expecting them to completely dominate their non-conference opponent, which they did, but they did so showing a lot of strength, poise, and depth.  A lot of nice planned short yardage gains and methodical play, which will be important in the SEC.

At the same time though, there were definitely some fireworks!  High flying wide receivers, dominating defense, and amazing special teams plays!  Check out the video below of Joe Adams returning a punt for a touchdown!  One of two he returned for TDs this game.

April and I have come to love watching football together, both college and pro.  But we must admit that the roar and energy of the college crowd feels more electric than that of the NFL, which makes us love these games all the more!

As season ticket holders for Razorback football, we are looking forward to an exciting and glorious season!  Go Hogs!  Wooooo Pig Sooie!

Calling the Hogs at Razorback Stadium!