Month: September 2012

Ava’s Awesome Antics #10

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“Dad, you don’t understand.  Little kids get nervous without training wheels.”

-Ava, 4, trying to convince me to leave the training wheels on her bike.


The Outdoors Sold Indoors

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I was very excited when I found out that little ole NW Arkansas was getting a Cabela’s!

For those of you unfamiliar, Cabela’s is a retail store that sells hunting, fishing, and outdoorsy stuff, in a pretty cool environment.  There are lots of animal displays, a large aquarium, and other fun things to look at.

The store just opened a couple weeks ago and we finally made the trek this last Sunday.

The whole experience was pretty intriguing and the girls really enjoyed it, but I was really interested in how Ava was going to react to all of the animal displays (taxidermy style).

My favorite response was to this display:

“Dad, that zebra needs to go faster.”

My second favorite response was when she looked up and saw this:

She let out a loud shriek!

All in all, a very amusing trip.  Thank you Cabela’s for gracing us with your presence and giving us a few laughs.

Em’s Words of Wisdom #8

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After April had prepared Emily’s lunch for school:

Emily:  Mom….what did you put in my lunch box?

April:  Princess fruit snacks.

Emily:  I can’t take that to school!  I’ll lose my street cred!

Back to School!

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If anyone knows how to stop my kids from growing up so fast, please let me know.  I love the fact that they are growing in to such great little people, but it breaks my heart to look at old school pictures and see just how fast they are growing up.

Emily starts 4th grade this year, which means it’s her last year at Apple Glen Elementary.  She got Mr. Myers as a teacher, which is going to be her first guy teacher.  She really likes it and we’re looking forward to watching her excel!  We went to parent’s night on Thursday to hear all the ‘rules’.  It was nice to see her get jazzed when he was talking about the advanced classes and her say, “I’m going to do that.”  We’ve got one smart cookie on our hands.

Ava is also back in pre-school now, which will be her last year before kindergarten.  She is following in her sister’s footsteps in the smart and witty department.  The things that come out of this kid’s mouth shock me daily.  I seem to be saying more and more, “I didn’t know you knew that word.”  (all good words) 

Just to prove how old I am getting, I was on the iPad this morning and Ava was sitting in my lap and apparently she saw something that interested her.  She said, “Dad, go back – I want to see that again.”  And….apparently I was too slow in finding what she saw, because she followed on with, “Here….just let me do it.  I can do it faster.”   …and sure enough she did.  My only response was, “We didn’t have iPad’s when I was a kid, we played with dirt.”

Tay is also back to school – his junior year in Georgia.  He himself is turning out to be a great young man and we are equally proud of him.

Sigh…..I guess there is just no stopping this growing up thing – and we’ll have to appreciate each moment that we have with each of them.  But to make it fun, we’ll make sure to blog the stories along the way. 😉

Here’s to the 2012/13 school year!