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Ava’s Awesome Antics #23

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While working out tonight, Ava (6) comes over and starts to work out along side of me.  Cute, right?

As I’m struggling through Shawn T yelling at me to get my lunges and squats lower, I look over and Ava is knocking out some burpees.

Pretty soon, it’s not Shawn T yelling at me anymore, Ava is yelling, “C’mon Dad!”

Then to make it worse, while sweat was pouring off my face and I was groaning, I hear her loudly yell “100! I did 100 burpees Dad!” and then she joined back into my routine.

If I ever had an ego before, it was completely gone when my 6-year old finished the workout with me and said, “That was easy.”


Emi’s Words of Wisdom #12

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Twice this last week, Emi (11) visited friends homes to which the parents made it a point to talk about how polite and well-mannered she was.

On the ride home from the second, I asked her about it and she said the following:

“I am always better when I go to friend’s and family’s homes.  Well, mainly friend’s homes.  Regardless of what you do, family has to accept you back.  With friends, there is no guarantee.”

Words to live by.

Ava’s Awesome Antics #14

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The other day, I asked Ava (5), “Do you have a boyfriend?”


Without even blinking an eye, she responded, “Not yet.”


Never has one of my daughters shared two words that have struck such fear into my heart.

Ava’s Awesome Antics #12

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Ava was helping me put away her laundry, when she said, “Dad, my PAIANCE (pronounced pa-ee-ance) go here.”

“What?”, I said.

Ava repeated, “My PAIANCE go here.”

“What?”, I repeated.

Ava pointing,  “My PAIANCE!  Here!”

“Oh….your pants.  Got it.”

“That’s what I said.” Ava quipped in an exasperated tone.

I love raising southern girls.  🙂

Ava’s Awesome Antics #10

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“Dad, you don’t understand.  Little kids get nervous without training wheels.”

-Ava, 4, trying to convince me to leave the training wheels on her bike.

The Outdoors Sold Indoors

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I was very excited when I found out that little ole NW Arkansas was getting a Cabela’s!

For those of you unfamiliar, Cabela’s is a retail store that sells hunting, fishing, and outdoorsy stuff, in a pretty cool environment.  There are lots of animal displays, a large aquarium, and other fun things to look at.

The store just opened a couple weeks ago and we finally made the trek this last Sunday.

The whole experience was pretty intriguing and the girls really enjoyed it, but I was really interested in how Ava was going to react to all of the animal displays (taxidermy style).

My favorite response was to this display:

“Dad, that zebra needs to go faster.”

My second favorite response was when she looked up and saw this:

She let out a loud shriek!

All in all, a very amusing trip.  Thank you Cabela’s for gracing us with your presence and giving us a few laughs.

Em’s Words of Wisdom #7

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April pulled out the VCR and tape to show the girls what their mom looked like during dance recitals at their age.

Emily: “What IS that!?”

April: “A VHS tape for the VCR.”

Emily: “Quit talking gibberish. I don’t understand.”

April: “It’s what we had before DVDs.”

Emily: “Oh my, that’s ancient.”