Month: March 2012

Great Day for a Race!

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This morning, Emmy and I ran the One Mile Fun Run at the Bentonville Running Festival.  It was a blast!

Em had recently joined the running club at school and this was her first race.

Considering that she only practiced with me once before, I had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived at the Bentonville Square we were greeted by 2,250 other runners that were competing in the half marathon, 5K and Fun Run.  It was a flurry of activity on the square.  Major event for the little City of Bentonville.

We got our registration packet, put our numbers on, and stretched out before the race.

When it was time, we lined up near the front of the pack.

Em was a little wide-eyed, not knowing what to expect.  Me?  I had it all under control…..until the official counted down and then yelled, “GO!

Emmy took off like a bullet! She was in a dead sprint keeping up with the fast kids at the front of the pack.

All of the sudden, I was the one left wide-eyed and had to chase her down.  I caught up to her in about a block and tried to get her to slow down.

She said, “NO WAY!” and kept running.

But then lucky for me, her earphones fell out.  She flipped them around her neck like a pro to get them out of the way.  I told her we needed to get them off of her, which caused her to slow down a little.  Once we got them off, I told her to slow her pace a bit so she’d last for the race, which thankfully she did.

Before we knew it, we were at the half way point and were in good shape.

We kept a good pace over the last half mile.  Em got a little winded about the 3/4 mile mark and walked for about 5-6 steps, but I started cheering her on because we could see the finish line.  So, she picked up the pace again.  About a block from the finish, we started our sprint to the finish line.

She did a great job running it all the way out.  We held hands as we crossed the finish line!

As we looked at the clock we were just over 10 minutes.   Not too shabby for the first time out.

She received her medal and then quickly downed some water and a banana.

I am very proud of Emily!  She did great!

We soaked up a little of the after race atmosphere before heading home.

When we arrived at the house and started to relay the story, Ava got upset because she wanted to run too.  We tried to explain it was for bigger kids.  But that didn’t deter her.  She wanted to run.
So, I did what every Dad does for their daughter:  Gave in.

Ava got dressed and we went out for a run around the block.

She ran the two long stretches of our block, which totaled about 3/10 of a mile, which is pretty good for those little legs of hers.

I think I may have a couple little runners on my hands.  Our next race is scheduled for May!


A Little Color in the Garden

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Even though we hope to sell and leave our home soon, it didn’t stop Ava, Em and I from getting out and planting in their flower garden today.

We planted some Salvias, Dianthus, and Leopard’s Bane.  The girls like the Dianthus the best.

Who knows, maybe it will help sell the house.  😀

Hendrix Home For Sale

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I want to start by clarifying the title.  ‘Hendrix Home’ does not mean Jimi Hendrix’s former home….although that would be awesome…and possibly a little weird in a psychedelic way.

Equally awesome (and maybe moreso for us) is that we finally put our home on Hendrix Street up for sale.  After weeks of prep, we did it!

This was a major step in our Crazy House Adventure.  Now all we have to do is sell it.

We built a website, which you can view at, posted it on Zillow, and also Craigslist.  We’re considering paying for an MLS listing, but we’ll see.

While we are listing it ‘For Sale by Owner’, we’re definiltey welcoming any help we can get.  Feedback or suggestions in making this a success are always appreciated.

Meanwhile, we are just a couple weeks out from closing on our other house, which we hope to move in to in April or May.

Keep us in your prayers for the right buyer, the right time, and the right price!

Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul

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Tonight Emily was entertaining April, Ava, Mimi, Papa and I with magic tricks.  In between tricks, I decided to try an old one on Ava that my GrandPaul (my Grandma’s friend Paul Deller) taught me when I was young.

You may remember it from your youth too.  He called it “Two Little Black Birds”, which is a variation of the nursery rhyme “Two Little Dickie Birds“.  If you are unfamiliar, the rhyme and actions are listed on the link.

I remember him putting a piece of tape on each finger to represent the two little black birds.  And as he said, “Fly away Peter, Fly Away Paul”  they would disappear. “Come back Peter, Come back Paul” and they would reappear.  I was in awe.

I also remember begging to learn the trick.

Finally tonight….I was able to share it with the same result that GrandPaul had with me and my sis.

I put tape on two fingers representing the two black birds and started the rhyme.  As Peter and Paul flew away and disappeared, Ava got this look on her face of absolute shock.  And all of us started laughing.  I couldn’t bring back the black birds because I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears.

It was tons of fun!

Thanks for the great memory GrandPaul!  I miss you!

Emily Scores Her First Goal!

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Emily scoring her first goal. She is the one in the middle. The ball is headed to the goal!

It has been a busy few days and I’ve been remiss on sharing some outstanding news!

Emily had her first soccer game of the season this last Saturday.  Em’s team is good!  In fact, they won the game 10-0.  Last season they were undefeated (except one tie).

As is with the first game, they were working on getting the bugs out and remembering their positions.

Emily played defender for most of the game, which is where she usually plays.  But at the end of the game, something unusual happened.

Coach put her in as a forward.

As she ran to the side of the field where we were sitting to replace the other forward, she looks over at us and says, “What are they thinking?”

As the game resumed, I was busy parent-coaching from the side to remind her what a forward is supposed to do (which I am sure everyone around me fully appreciated).

Then it happened.  The forward on the other side of the field made a break with the ball past the other team’s mid-fielder.

Emily took off running for the center of the goal.

As the defenders approached her teammate, she passed the ball to Emily.  The goalie thought her teammate was kicking a goal so came out to get the ball.  Emily cut the goalie off and kicked the ball in to the goal!

It was a fantastic moment!  Little Emily scored a goal!  April, Ava and I cheered and cheered!

We are so proud of Emily!

Granny Isa

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Granny Isa making some of her infamous "Little Eggers"! Yum!

My dad reminded me that today would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday if she were still with us.

It was a wonderful reminder that sent me down memory lane of some fantastic times with a grandmother that I loved very much.

Isabel Anna Teare (Jackson) Sanders (or “Granny Isa” as we called her) was a huge influence in my life while growing up.  And as the only grandson, we had special bond.

Growing up, we saw her often, but what we looked forward to most was spending a week or two every Summer at Grandma’s house on “K” Hill in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  She taught us about wildlife, farm life, art, and music.  My grandmother was a woman of many talents and was an art teacher for many years.  She was a huge supporter of the pursuit of music and art, which was a major influence on me.  She found beauty in everything around her.  It was a treat to spend time with her.

Granny Isa - with a young Uncle Mal (Cliff); Aunt Sharon; and little Ron (my dad).

More important than support, was her strength.  She was one of the strongest women I know – and she passed that strength, hard work ethic, and tenacity on to us.

She passed away in 1995 after a battle with Alzheimers.  While the end years were tough, the memories I choose to cherish are the ones of a loving, caring and strong grandmother that loved her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren dearly.

How important it is to cherish our loved ones and build awesome memories.  And when one of them leaves us – it’s up to us to keep their memories alive.

I love my grandmother and miss her dearly.

Happy Birthday Granny Isa.