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Ava’s Awesome Antics #27

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2014-10-20 18.03.21Today, on what would have been April’s and my 13th Wedding Anniversary, the girls and I were at the cemetery visiting with April.

All and all, we were all doing pretty good emotionally.

As she sometimes does, when it’s time to go, Ava continued to sit in front of her mom’s grave marker.

What she did next sent tears flowing down my cheeks.

She reached her little hand forward and touched the picture of her mom.

Then she brought her fingers up to her lips and kissed them.

Then she reached them back down and pressed them on her mom’s picture.

A moment later she looked up at me and said, “I gave mommy a kiss.”

It was all I could do to muster up a, “That’s great baby.  I know she really appreciates it.”

Ava walked off to the car and I had to walk the other direction for a bit to get my emotions in check.

It was such a beautiful gesture.

I miss April being around and beyond my own selfish desire to see her, I miss her interacting with the girls.

But I am thankful for the mom that she was, the memories we have, and the influence she is on our lives.

We are blessed.  Isaiah 41:10


Em’s Words of Wisdom #8

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After April had prepared Emily’s lunch for school:

Emily:  Mom….what did you put in my lunch box?

April:  Princess fruit snacks.

Emily:  I can’t take that to school!  I’ll lose my street cred!

Em’s Words of Wisdom #7

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April pulled out the VCR and tape to show the girls what their mom looked like during dance recitals at their age.

Emily: “What IS that!?”

April: “A VHS tape for the VCR.”

Emily: “Quit talking gibberish. I don’t understand.”

April: “It’s what we had before DVDs.”

Emily: “Oh my, that’s ancient.”

Em’s Words of Wisdom!

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On our way home after school today, we saw a neighbor boy halfway up a really tall tree.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Climbing a tree is a lot of work.

Emily (9): How do you know, mom?

Me: I climbed trees when I was little!

Emily: Oh yeah…..that’s because you’re old and there was nothing else to do since you didn’t have electricity!

Me: Uh, yes we did have electricity…silly!

Emily: Oh, that’s right it was Dad that didn’t have electricity.


Em’s Words of Wisdom #4

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Emily:  “Mom, are you going to miss our old house?”

April:  “No.  I am ready to start a new chapter.”

Emily: “Oh, like on Days of our Lives?”

Emily Has a Plan…

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On Friday, Emily, Ava, and I went to the park.  Emily had to use the restroom, so I gathered Ava and we all walked the short distance over to the restroom.  Our conversation played out as follows:

Emily: “Why do you have to come with me?”

Me: “I have to make sure there are no weirdos hiding in the restroom.”

Em: “Why would there be weirdos hiding in the restroom?”

Me: “Good question.”

Em: “Well I have a backup plan.”

Me: “Oh really.  And what’s that?”

Em: “I’ll just kick them below the belt.”

Em’s Words of Wisdom

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Jason and I have been getting up every morning and working out.  When I checked on the girls the other morning, Emily was awake for some reason.

Emily:  “Mom, what are you doing?”

Me:  “Dad and I are about to exercise…..Go back to sleep.”

Emily:  “You are exercising at 5:44 in the morning?!”

Me:  “Yes.”

Emily:  “Weirdos!”

Hmmmm…..Maybe she’s right!!