Month: February 2012

Emily Auditions for a Musical

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I’m so proud of Emily! Today she auditioned for a musical at church.

She tackled one of the toughest parts and prepared and rehearsed like crazy! As we got to church for her time slot, we said a quick prayer and headed up the stairs. She said, “I feel nervous, but confident!”

Almost as soon as we got there, her name was called and she headed in to the audition room…..alone.

It was like an episode of American Idol. There were four “judges” and little Emily in there.

As a nervous dad watching through the glass on the door, I watched the judges smile as Emily became animated. She got a very nice, “VERY GOOD JOB” in the end from the judges. As we walked away, she said, “I feel less nervous and more confident.”

We’ll find out next week if she gets a part or not. Keep your fingers crossed.

As a side note – this is NOT Emily’s first go-round with theatrics.  She’s been to some drama classes and workshops AND back in 2007/2008 – Em and I spent some time making home movies!   It was lots of fun!  I’ve posted them to the blog under VIDEOS.  Check them out!


Em’s Words of Wisdom #6

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Em’s discovered a word with many meanings and uses:


Delicious Dining chez Jackson

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We are officially embarking on a new dining direction at our house.

We’ve noticed that our children have become pretty finicky eaters.  They probably think the basic food groups are chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac n’cheese, and popcorn.  (By the way – I’m being a little tongue in cheek here – they do eat more than that….but it makes for good humor).

Starting tonight, following an earlier warning to the kids and discussion about nutrition, we introduced a new no-nonsense rule around what we eat.

No longer will we make separate meals for the kids while April and I dine on something else.  No longer will we put up with, “I don’t like that.”   No longer will we allow yucky faces when trying new food.  They WILL learn to eat and appreciate other foods.

It reminds me of my mom saying, “this isn’t a restaurant” when I was growing up.  With my parents being great cooks, we tried many different cuisines growing up. And…I was forced (at times against my will) to try new things.  But it was for my own good.  I grew up with a good appreciation for different cuisine. …and now it’s our kids’ turn.

Tonight, April made a really good pot roast with the fixings.  And the girls were served a portion of  roast, vegetables, and bread.  While the initial bites came with sour faces and big eyes (with a little coaxing at times), it was refreshing to see that both quickly responded that they liked it.  I was actually surprised at how much Emily ate.


We should have pushed harder sooner.  The lesson here – teach your kids to try new foods early on.  They’ll like more than they dislike and benefit from the act of “trying” new things.

Well, this is a new beginning!  Wish us luck on this new delicious journey!  I wonder what’s for dinner tomorrow….

Daddy-Daughter Date Night #3

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Emily and I had the first of our official monthly “dates” last night. It was a lot of fun other than the fact that it was freezing outside!

We started by having dinner together. When trying to determine where to eat we used one of Emily’s Famous Filters: Who serves the best macaroni and cheese. So, we ended up at Steak n’ Shake.

At dinner, I learned several things in talking with my daughter. For example, Emily’s favorite singer is now Selena Gomez, not Justin Bieber. And that her new favorite color is red, not blue. And that her favorite TV show is Power Rangers (really???).

One other key learning is that apparently ‘guacamole’ is apparently pronounced ‘Guac-a-mo-LA’. And that, according to Em, it’s also a city in Mexico.

This girl cracks me up!

After dinner we decided to go shopping for April and Ava, since they didn’t get to go. So off to the mall we went. We found a nice scarf for April and a bracelet for Ava. And since Emily didn’t ask for anything for herself, I bought her a charm bracelet.

It was also fun running around Dillards trying to figure out which style was April’s. At one point Emily picked out something that I am pretty sure was for ladies over the age of 70. She made me promise not to tell her mom, which is why I am posting it here – so you all can tell her – not me. 🙂

Lots of shopping – lots of stores. But lots more fun!

So, for the first time on our official “monthly dates” – I would say we did pretty good. I am lucky to have such a sweetheart of a daughter.

Em’s Words of Wisdom!

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On our way home after school today, we saw a neighbor boy halfway up a really tall tree.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Climbing a tree is a lot of work.

Emily (9): How do you know, mom?

Me: I climbed trees when I was little!

Emily: Oh yeah…..that’s because you’re old and there was nothing else to do since you didn’t have electricity!

Me: Uh, yes we did have electricity…silly!

Emily: Oh, that’s right it was Dad that didn’t have electricity.