Month: July 2012

Witty Marital Banter #1

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April and I were laying on the floor talking about the event  I have to attend later this afternoon.

APRIL:  You’re not going to have time to eat.

JASON:  I’ll be okay.  I have plenty of fat stores.



Which was followed by a very shocked look by yours truly and lots of laughter by us both.

Guess I need to get back on my exercise and diet plan.



Awesome 4th of July Week!

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This has been a very unusual, but awesome 4th of July week.

For starters….the holiday was on a Wednesday, which made the week feel really funny.  Like there was two Fridays….and unfortunately two Mondays.  On Wednesday, April and I kept thinking it was Saturday.  On Thursday, I kept thinking it was Monday.  Just really bizarre.

The good news is….the whole week has been pretty fun (work aside).

It really started last weekend for us.  We had a blast on the weekend, which was capped off by church events on Sunday.  The whole church service was fantastic.  Emily was in the kids production during both services where the group sang and danced (which is in the video below).  I played bass on the Worship Team again, which is always fun.  I got to pull out my 6-string bass, which I hadn’t played in public before.  We did one of my favorite songs – Cover the Earth followed by several patriotic songs.   One of which, called ‘This is America’ is a tribute to those that serve or have served in the 5 US Armed Forces.  I thought about my friends and family in each of the services as I played and rehearsed.  Made me appreciate them even more – I was glad we played that song.  All in all,  I think it all went well, but I will let you be the judge (see video).

Later that evening, we were able to enjoy “Fireworks at the Crosses”, which is a massive church sponsored event.  We got there around 5pm for live music from a mix of the worship team members from the various Cross Church Campuses.  They did an awesome job!  Some incredibly talented people!  We saw 90 people get baptized! Praise God!  And then we watched what I must say is one of the most breathtaking fireworks displays I have ever seen.  I think it easily rivaled a Disney production.

All of us had a great time with new friends and church family.  Truly a great night!

On the Fourth, we slipped off to Beaver Lake in the morning for a great swim!  Em and I had a blast!  And Ava let out her inner fish and swam quite a bit – it was her first time in the lake.  Had a great lunch at JJ’s Grill and then back home for a relatively quiet evening (after a little work at the Casita).    With the temperatures being crazy hot, we have a burn and fireworks ban on where we live and weren’t able to shoot off fireworks.  We barely caught the Bentonville show, but it didn’t quite work out in our favor and we missed most of it.

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Now the weekend has started again, we have a full weekend of work ahead at the Casita.  Time to tie up loose ends and get ready to move in.  More on the Crazy House Adventure later.  Your prayers for the sale of our Hendrix home are always appreciated.  Ask God for the right buyer at the right time at the right price.  We have left it in His hands.  🙂

We hope that you have a fantastic weekend!