Month: August 2012


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If you really know me, you know how much I love music.  I’ve written songs with a few of you.  Played songs with some of you.  And enjoyed listening to a song or two with many of you.

Music is more than that to me though…..and it’s sometimes hard to explain to people that aren’t musicians.  No offense intended to anyone that falls in to the latter bucket.

Music touches the soul.  And you can feel it.  Music stirs the spirit – it can awaken it and it can calm it – music is simply an amazing phenomenon.

But there is one type of music that is more pure to me than any other – and that is worship music.

Why?  When I play or sing songs of worship to my God, there is this authenticity of the moment that just makes my heart cry out.  I know that may sound weird to some of you, but I honestly believe that the combination of my love for Jesus and my love for music lead to some very pure and honest moments of reverence.  And I love those moments.

I don’t know if any of you out there feel the same way or experience the same thing, but it’s a very cool feeling.

Fortunately, I have been very blessed this year to be able to play some on the different campus worship teams at Cross Church – which is more than playing – it’s worshipping in a very personal way.  I thank God daily for this opportunity.  This last Sunday, we played a new song for me called Cornerstone by Hillsong (I attached the video below).  What a great praise song! …and to hear the congregation sing it in worship made my heart swell.

Knowing that it’s different for everyone, I’m curious – what stirs your soul?


Crazy House Adventure – A New Beginning!

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Well – it’s been a crazy month for us – and a long time since we’ve posted on the family blog.

In the last month we’ve successfully moved from our Hendrix House into the Jackson Casita.  And I must say, while smaller – the Casita is pretty comfortable!

We finished up a lot of prep work at the Casita, but now we’re sifting through boxes and trying to figure out where things go.  Today, I got the office in better shape and got the big computer back up and running (hence the blog post).

One thing that we’ve learned to love very much is the location of the Jackson Casita.  It is close to everything – and we thought we had it good before.  Now it’s even more awesome.

But while the new Casita is pretty awesome, this weekend we were amazingly blessed as we officially signed a contract on our Hendrix House.

The buyers are a neat family that is coming to work for Walmart.  We knew it when we met them that there was something special about them.  Robert (the husband), is leaving a police department to come to Walmart – which is the same thing I did just over 10 years ago.  So, there was an instant kinship and connection.  Very cool.  We are excited that we found a good family for our neighbors!

Whew – it’s been too long since we’ve posted and lots of funny stories along the way….so I guess now that we’re getting back in to rhythm, we’ll have to post more on the blog.

As we’re closing the chapter on our Hendrix House and starting a new beginning at the Jackson Casita – please keep us in your prayers, as we have about a month before the Hendrix House closes.  God has been good to us and we praise Him for all that he has provided and will provide.  🙂

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