Month: December 2011

Em’s Words of Wisdom #4

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Emily:  “Mom, are you going to miss our old house?”

April:  “No.  I am ready to start a new chapter.”

Emily: “Oh, like on Days of our Lives?”


A Crazy New Adventure for 2012!

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April and I have decided to embark upon A CRAZY NEW ADVENTURE FOR 2012.

We may be a little nuts.

After 6 happy years in our current home, we’ve decided to sell it.  But that’s not the crazy part.  It’s the plan that goes with it.

After a lot of thought and prayer, we’ve decided to do the following:

  • Sell our current home (during a tough housing market) – 3,000 sq ft.
  • Buy a smaller home now (under 2/3 our current size) – 1,900 sq ft.
  • Live there the next 2-3 years, while we build a new home on some property we own outside of the city – 4,500 sq ft.
  • Once the new home is built, we will use the small house as a rental.


If you think that sounds like a lot, you should see what we did today.

We spent yesterday devising our sales plan.  Today, we acted upon it.

We’ve created a ‘punch list’ for repairs and cleaning.  We’ve tagged furniture and belongings to move to storage to ‘unclutter’ the house. We secured a storage unit to move the ‘clutter’ in to.  We’ve worked out our financing.  And – today – we made an offer on that smaller home.

We moved a bunch of furniture to our ‘staging’ area in the garage before it goes to storage.

Tomorrow?  More of the same.  Got to get this place ready to go for the new year!

Good thing we had some good little helpers today!

We’ll be selling our home on our own (which we’ve done before – so it isn’t a big deal).  So, if you want to buy our house, bring an extra 3% with you for your realtor! 😉

We are pretty psyched about it – but know that the fun may wear off when we realize that we’ll be that much closer to each other – all of the time!  😮

We’ll keep you posted here on our progress!  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this is going to be a huge effort and change for us!

Emily’s Precious!

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Of all the goodies that Emily received for Christmas, only one reigns supreme.

Emily received her very own popcorn maker!

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to you, but you have to know how much Em loves her popcorn.

The girl is 4 foot nothing and eats like a bird any other day, but if you get her around popcorn, it’s like she transforms.  In fact, at the movies, she can pretty much put away her own extra large popcorn with butter.

It’s bizzare.  But she loves it.

In fact, after she opened her popcorn maker, we saw her in the corner…

…holding it…

…caressing it…

…petting it…

…calling it…


Christmas Morning with the Jacksons!

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What a glorious day!  This morning we rejoice because of our Savior’s birth!

Our day started early today.  Almost too early, as Emily decided to get up at 1am to see if there were any presents left for her.  Of course, she had to wake Ava up in the process.  And….after several attempts of putting them back to bed, we decided to make them sleep in our room.  While that sounded like a great idea, Ava and Emily kept April awake for a while – which of course was not in their favor.  Me?  I enjoyed my long winter’s nap. 🙂

BUT – at about 7am we awoke – gave a big Happy Birthday to Jesus and joined my parents (Buela and Grandpa Jackson) downstairs to open presents.

Of course, the girls made out like bandits, but it was touching to see how appreciative they were of each gift.  New clothes, new games, new books, new toys, and lots of laughter filled our morning.

We filled our bellies with some yummy cinnamon rolls before heading to church.  The Cross Church Christmas service was fantastic.  Great worship!  Great message!  And family communion to remember the sacrifice and life of our Savior.  By far, Jesus has left us the greatest gift of all.  One that we will cherish for eternity.

We are now getting ready to head out to Little Rock to see April’s side of the family!  We can’t wait!

Hope that you are having as great of a Christmas as we are!  Carpe Diem!

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A Christmas Eve Present

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It’s Christmas Eve morn and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring except me, my Mac, and mouse.
While the girls lie snuggled up warm in their bed,
I’m trying to blog all the thoughts in my head.
So many great stories and pictures to share,
We’ve bundled them in to a newsletter with care.
To open this present takes only a wink,
Just simply scroll down and click on the link.
From our hearts to yours we wish you holiday cheer,
a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jackson Christmas Newsletter 2011


Ava Turns 4!!

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Ava turned 4 today!!

She has been excited all month about today and it’s now finally here!

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Ava started her day with birthday wishes from Jingle (our Elf on the Shelf) that apparently decorated overnight.  She then jumped in to a day full of activity with her mom, including going to Emily’s Christmas Party at school.

She topped off her day with dinner and fun at Chuck-E-Cheese!  Her and her sister won tons of tickets to buy some fun trinkets with.

We finished the night with cake and presents!  And just when you thought the party was over.  Ava decided to rock out with her new Elmo guitar!  Where did she learn these moves??  Check out the video.

What a blast of a birthday!!

Ava Rocks Out from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.

Elf on a Shelf

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One night, we looked up on the mantle and there it sat.  An elf.

He was just sitting there with his legs folded – watching us.  When Emily came in to the room she spotted it and teared up with excitement.  She couldn’t believe it.  Just like she had at school, she now had her very own elf (on a shelf).

When Ava entered the room, she also spotted the elf, but commented that it was “freaky”.

For those of you unfamiliar with this holiday tradition, the elf is sent by Santa to keep watch on the family.  At night he reports back to the North Pole and updates Santa.  He then returns back to the house before morning and situates himself in a new perch to keep a close watch.  You can check out a video by clicking here.

Emily had the task of naming the elf and I think she did a pretty good job.  The elf’s name is Jingle.

On night two – Jingle moved over to the chandelier above the dining room table holding one of our nutcracker ornaments hostage.

Emily decided to make him some popcorn and on night three – he took some of it with him up to top of one of our blinds.

On night four – he showed up on top of our Christmas tree next to the big star.

On night five – he brought back a book and was reading in our curio cabinet.

Where will he be on night six?

Regardless of where it is – you know that the girls will have fun looking for him!