Month: April 2011

Who’s Smarter than Who?

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Tonight while we were making dinner, Emily was talking to April and I about a homework assignment that she has to do this week.  She said that a family member could help.

Without missing a beat she said, “Dad, I want you to help me because you’re smarter.  No offense Mom.”

April said, “None taken.” as she smirked, realizing that she just got out of doing a homework assignment.


A Great Easter Day!

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What a great Easter Day!

It’s rained for three days straight and there is another two to three days left in the forecast, but it set the tone for a nice relaxing day.

We started off with church this morning, which was simply awesome.  Our church is very alive!  And the Easter production was simply stunning.  More importantly our focus was on the king of kings, Jesus Christ, who is risen!  You can catch the amazing music and drama presentations of THREE DAYS at the following links:  DAY 1:  OUR HEALER  DAY 2: OUR SAVIOR  DAY 3: OUR CONQUEROR.

After church, we had a great breakfast at home, but with the house clean and chores already all done….. it meant we had a lazy day.  All of us (except Em) took naps.  I can’t remember the last time I took a nap, but it felt great!

We had postponed our Easter egg hunt due to the rain, but the funny thing is that the eggs were already hidden outside.  So, at about 6p, we decided to let the girls hunt the eggs anyway…in the rain…in standing water in our back yard.  It was quite a site!

We talked for a bit with our parents and wished them all a Happy Easter!  Then on to more relaxing!

We hope that your day was fantastic as well!  Happy Easter to all!

Severe Weather Season Is Here!

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Well, severe weather season has made itself known here in NW Arkansas.  Round 1 just blew through, but we have about five more days of this in the forecast.
Wall Cloud just outside of our house.
For those that haven’t lived in the Central US, you may not be familiar with tornadoes.  They’re nasty little boogers that pop up pretty quickly and leave an odd path of destruction.  Today’s storms were enough to get us on our feet, get everything prepped, and had us tracking the storm very closely. 
Allegedly, the rotation created a tornado briefly to our west, but was only a funnel cloud when it passed by our house.  So, Round 1 left us alone.
In March 2006, we had a tornado come through town and pass literally 3 doors down from our house.  It didn’t cause any fatalities, but sure did create a lot of damage.  It’s always been interesting to me how a tornado can be so destructive in one spot, but just a few dozen yards away it leaves everything alone.  I’m thankful it did.  
2006 tornado near our house.

Marisol and kids had just moved here when it came through in 2006.  They were staying with us and I remember them being so freaked out because of the news reports.  April and I were like, “Pshhhh….wait till you live here a while…this happens all the time. It will be okay.”  Then the tornado got close enough to hear the “freight train” sound and we were like “Get in the bathroom!  Get in the bathroom!”  We’re a little more careful these days.

Damage to our neighbor's house following 2006 tornado.
This is how close it came to visiting us.

Razorbacks Red and White Game!

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On Saturday, we packed up the kids and nephew Aaron and headed south to Fayetteville to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks Red and White game.  What fun!

This game is the Spring scrimmage for the Razorbacks, but is a full-blown production that included four full quarters of football, the marching band, cheerleaders, concessions, and special appearances of former Razorbacks that have moved on (or about to) to the NFL.  The game was even broadcast on ESPN!

We were able to score some front row seats at the 20 yard line in what is typically the “student section”.  This was a great opportunity as we were down in and amongst all of the action.

The girls were able to play with the four mascots; Boss Hog, Pork Chop, Sue E., and Big Red (which is also the name of our fish).  Aaron was able to meet DJ Williams (former TE heading on to the pros) and get an autograph.  And of course, we were surrounded by students – which made it more lively!

It was good to see a lot of our favorite players playing as well as some new guys that are vying for top spots.

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We’ve got season tickets to the football games and are really looking forward to the Fall!  The energy of the crowd is fantastic!

Arkansas is supposed to start the season in the Top 10 nationally this year, so Woooo Pig Sooie!

Great times!  Go Hogs!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

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Today we were able to attend the Gravette High School production of  The Wizard of Oz.  It was a good production!  They had some pretty good actors too!  Our favorite was the cowardly lion! They also used a live band for the entire production – which I particularly  thought was cool.

Our nephew, Aaron, and nieces, Ashley and Andrea, were also in it.  My sister Marisol, was the “stage mom”.

Knowing people in such high places also had it’s privileges, as Emily was able to sneak backstage during the intermission and get pictures with the cast.

Em, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow.
Em and the Cowardly Lion

This wasn’t their first play, but Em and Ava were fixated the whole time.  Lots of fun all around! Looking forward to the next one.

Em, Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch, and the WW of the West.
Em, Ava, Ashley, and Andrea (with Marisol in the back).
Setting out after the WW of the West.
Ava and Aaron

Emily the Comedian

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Emily and I went out to ride bikes today.  When I got to the garage, I was surprised to find a slight modification to my bike.

Emily put the handlebar streamers from her bike on my bike.  What a comedian.  Wonder where she get’s it from?

Rules to live by….

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Emily loves to draw and color.  She also loves to put her creations on the walls of her room.

I love, love, love this one!!
This one says "I can love".....Wow!
A poster of Justin Bieber....and her "conscience".
The other morning, I noticed a particularly funny sign that she made that outlines the rules of her room:

1. No shoes

2. Have fun

3. Only I can make a mess

4. No telling secrets

5. Don’t touch my poster of J.B.

(as in Justin Bieber!)

Clearly these are important rules that we should all try to live by!