Month: January 2014

Kindness Abounds

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Photo Jan 26, 2 34 23 PM.1Today, our dear friend Annie Fuentes stopped by after church.  She brought with her a basket full of goodies for us and the girls and said it was from our “Sam’s Club Family”.

Our Sam’s Family already gifted us with the beautiful portrait that you see behind the girls.  We are blown away by the continued thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of so many.  We are so overwhelmed with appreciation that sometimes it comes out only as a simple “thank you”.  But that simple thank you has a depth of emotion and sincerity behind it.

Thank you Sam’s Club Family.  We love you and cherish you!


Witty Marital Banter #2

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This evening while hanging pictures on the wall…

April:  Is it straight?

Jason:  Eh, it’s close enough.

April:  What did the level show?

Jason:  [in a kinda sure tone] It’s good.

April:  Good as in, ‘the play on the field stands’, not ‘the play on the field is confirmed’?

Jason:  [laughing] Yes.

I love it that my wife uses football terms to clarify daily life.  🙂

This Sleeping Parent’s Worst Nightmare

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I’ll admit it, I have a few phobias.  Thanks to horror movies like Poltergeist, Child’s Play, and the Puppet Master – I HATE scary toys or any toy that can potentially be scary – like that little monkey with the cymbals.

Now, couple my fear with the fact that, as a parent (better yet, as a dad), I have to investigate any little noise or weird occurrence in the house – regardless of the hour of day or night.

Now, further couple that with the delirium of waking up in the middle of the night and being somewhere between conscious thought and dream land….and you have the perfect setting for last night’s little creep-fest.

Ava wakes up somewhere around 1am and stops at the top of the stairs and calls out to us.   I wake up and in my stupor look up to see a little kid silhouetted at the top of the stairs (which is already creepy).

She tells me something about a noise.  I climb the stairs and meet her at the top and tell her to go back to bed because everything’s okay.

On the way down, I think I hear a radio coming from her room, so turn back around to go turn it off.

When I start walking down the hallway, I suddenly hear talking coming out of the guest bedroom – which of course sends a little shiver down the spine.

FurbyI peer in to the bedroom to see Emi’s Furby on the shelf talking up a storm.  I am relieved for about 1/2 second until I realize that something has to interact with it to activate it.

At this point, I firmly decide that I am not going in to the bedroom.  This is how people die in horror movies.  Instead, I go on to Ava’s bedroom (you know – in case I need to use her as a human shield or something).  And like any brave dad, I wait out the talking Furby (in the protection of my 6-year old) until it decides to go to sleep.

Now, was it a technical glitch?  Was it one of my children playing a prank on me?  Who knows.  But if it happens tonight, April is going upstairs to check it out.

Emi’s Words of Wisdom #11

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While I was folding the laundry, Emi (11) walks in and says, “So, how does it feel to be the woman of the house?”

Focus on Prayer

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Photo Jan 12, 4 54 12 PMThere is no doubt that we believe in the power of prayer.  God challenges us to ask Him. He wants a dialogue with us.  1 John 5:14-15

Therefore, to up our prayer game in 2014, we are trying something new!  Inspired by a friend and colleague, we  have set up a PRAYER BOARD in our house.

On this board, we pin people, topics, events, and circumstances that we need to be in prayer over.  The board is placed in one of the most highly trafficked areas of our house; next to the door that goes from the house in to the garage – which we use multiple times a day.

We use this board to remind us to continuously pray and stand the gap for others.  We will continuously add to this board…

How can we pray for you?