Month: February 2011

Wild Screen

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Emily is at a great age as she so whole heartedly believes in everything she says.  She also thinks she knows everything.  Case in point, tonight’s episode of Mom and Daughter Theatre.

The scene begins with Emily watching TV in her room. She walked out and finds her mom and here’s how the conversation went:

Emily:  “Mom, it’s so weird.  A regular TV show had a Wild Screen.”

Mom:   “What?”

Emily:  “Wild Screen”

Mom:  “A what?”

Emily:  [exasperated] “A Wild Screen.  You  know when there is black on the top and bottom of the TV screen.”

Mom:  “Oh, you mean ‘Wide Screen’.”  (referring to the TV screen format)

Emily:  “Noooo.  Wild Screen.”

April explained everything to her and set her straight, but as we think about it… Maybe she’s on to a more exciting future concept:  Wild Screen


Tina Rolls Over the Hill

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Our weekend jaunts to Little Rock are usually lots of fun, but this weekend we were on an extra special mission.  One of our cousins and dearest friend, Tina Hill, turned the big 4-0 today.  Her husband, Frank, had been planning a surprise birthday party for weeks to take place the day before her birthday.  The funny thing is that Frank is usually such a horrible liar, but it looked like he was going to pull this one off.  He (along with his accomplices) planned everything down to a T.

As all good surprise parties go, Frank whisked Tina out to dinner while everyone showed up at the house, set the decorations and prepared.  Everyone parked on a side street so there were no tell-tale signs of anyone being at home.

Frank was supposed to take her to a movie next, but made some excuse as to why they needed to stop at home.  With the lights out and everyone ready, they pulled in to the garage.

The next few moments unfolded as you would expect.  Tina opened the door in from the garage, we flipped on the lights, and yelled, “SURPRISE!!!!”

The look on Tina’s face was priceless.  She was so beside herself, you could tell she was in shock.

She nicely made her way around to all of the attendees to say hello.  But the best part is when she started telling the story of her week, it really put in to perspective the shock that was really created by the “SURPRISE!”

Tina relayed how bummed she was all week and even how mad she was that night at Frank because she was dropping hints all week long about her big birthday and that he wasn’t really responsive at all.  He was nonchalant.  When she would suggest doing something with friends or family, he would downplay it.  She said that she couldn’t believe how insensitive he was being.

Poor Frank had been fretting for weeks about this because he was having to lie and ignore her requests.  I think that if this would have gone on one more day, he probably would have had a nervous breakdown!  But he came through like a real trooper.  Way to go Frank!!

In the end, it was a great birthday party!  Everyone had a great time and Tina had the surprise of a lifetime!   And if you are reading this Tina, I’m sure there is a button to make the font bigger…so you can read it more clearly.   Happy Birthday Tina!!  We love you!

Lovin’ Some Time with Mimi and Papa!

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Heading down to Little Rock means that we get to spend some great time with Mimi and Papa (April’s parents).  Besides some of our favorite things like, Mimi’s famous Sunday morning breakfast, one of the girls’ favorite ‘to-do’s’ is riding four-wheelers.  This trip was no exception.  Papa and I got to take turns with both girls running around their property up on Mayflower mountain.

Papa let Emily  take more control of the 4-wheeler in driving, which she thought was really cool.  Later, her and I were running around on the 4-wheeler together and she said, “I got this” and was driving like an old pro (as long as we were going straight).

Ava seeing this jumped right in.  Sitting in front of me, she threw her hands up on the handlebars, which I thought was cute until she used the bottom of her palm to hit the accelerator.


The girls had a blast!  It’s always fun times at Mimi and Papa’s.

When Ava speaks…

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When Ava speaks…. We should listen. And more than just listen, we should pay attention! Lesson learned today.

About 40 minutes in to a 3 hour road trip, Ava calls out from the back, “I’m going to throw up!”

April checked on her and gave the all clear.

At about 50 minutes into the trip she starts pointing to her mouth and says, “throw up”.

April checks again and give the all clear again saying, “You’re okay Ava”.

About 65 mins in to the trip there were no more warnings. We heard those awful heaving sounds start from the back seat. I whipped the SUV to the side of the road while April tried to block the ensuing flow from the front seat.

I jumped out of the car, April unbuckled her, and I wheeled the puking child out. We ran her over to the side of the road where she finished her business.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) due to previous similar experience, we were able to limit the impacts and were prepared for the cleanup. Good teamwork and quick action on our part, which we appropriately fist bumped to celebrate after we were back on the road.

But the lesson still stands. When Ava speaks….we need to listen!

Part 2: Where Oh Where Should I Hide?

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In my last post, I talked about how Ava needed to improve her hide-and-seek skills after hiding in our glass shower.  Well, maybe I spoke to soon…

Tonight, after the girls had long gone to bed, April went back to check on them.  Oddly, Ava wasn’t in her bed.  She does have a habit of crawling in bed with her sister, but no…she wasn’t there.  She sometimes heads to our bed, but no…she wasn’t there.  April checked a couple other regular spots, but….no.

After a little looking, April found her.

Ava found a much better hiding spot…..under her bed.   And to make it more comfortable, she pulled her giant pink throw pillow under there with her.

Where Oh Where Should I Hide?

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Tonight, Ava and I were chasing each other around the master bedroom, bathroom and closet.  We were taking turns “scaring” each other.  At one point, Ava ran off and I heard her holler in a sing-song voice, “I’m hiding.  Come find me.”

I walked out of the closet and in to the master bathroom and there she was, plain as day, standing in the middle of our glass shower.  The funny thing is that we were looking right at each other, but I could see her little wheels turning, “Does he see me or doesn’t he?”  Clearly, we need to work on her hide-and-seek skills.

It’s Magic!

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Today was a long day at work.  When I got home, I just wanted to lay down and stretch out for a second.  So, I went in to Ava’s room where she was watching Toy Story 3 and laid down on the pillow next to her.   Here is the transcript of our conversation:

Ava:  “You feeling okay Dad?”

Me:  “Yes, just tired.”

Ava:  “You need a blanket Dad?”

Me:  “No, I’m good”  -she gets out blanket and covers me anyway

Ava:  “You have a good day at work Dad?”

Me:  “Yes, just a long day”

Ava:  “Did you talk to people?”  – which is something she asks all the time.

Me:  “Yes, lots. That’s why I’m tired”

Ava:  “Oh”

Then she says, “Hey Dad, hey Dad…watch!”    She went in to a flurry of activity.  She cleared a space, set up her microphone, got her guitar out, and then….magic.

I was thinking she was going to belt out some currently popular song.  Maybe a little Justin Bieber, Cee-Lo, Miley C, or something along those lines.

She gets the most serious look on her face and starts strumming away.  Then out come the words, “Oh Oh Oh it’s Magic!  You know….”

It was so funny and shocking!  That was probably the last thing I was expecting since I probably haven’t heard that song since the 1970’s.  April told me later that it was recently remade by Selena Gomez (the original was a 1974 hit by the band Pilot).

Either way, that little bit of magic cured my ills for the day!