One day in 2007, Emily and I had some time on our hands.  April had just left and before she had even pulled out of the drive, Emily said, “I’m bored.”  So, I said, “Why don’t we make a movie?”

Emily and I came up with the ideas together, story boarded them, then filmed them.  I did the editing without her, which led to a few surprises for her.  We shot all of the videos during this period on a little Canon camera that had a video mode and did the editing on my MacBook Pro.  We aren’t professionals by any stretch of the imagination, but this was a lot of fun.  We both enjoy storytelling. 🙂

They stories get better as they go!  Enjoy!

The Spider Adventure from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.  This was our first story written and filmed.  This is actually the alternate ending version, because she thought the original version was too scary! 🙂

A Couple Minutes from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.  This was a quick little story about Emily’s backyard adventures when pressed for time.

War of the Birds from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.  This was one of our favorites!  This story is about the evil barn swallows that decided to move in to our front porch and the lengths a daughter would go to save her mom from their tyranny!

Two Princesses from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.  This is MY favorite.  Getting back to storytelling in 2008, Em and I decided to tell a great story instead of film one.  You have to forgive my poor animations, but the story is fantastic!!

Emily Rocks! from Jason Jackson on Vimeo.  This was the very first video in 2007 to play around with the settings.  The music was written by Jason.


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