Month: October 2011

A Little Halloween Artistry

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Today we spent some time carving pumpkins for Halloween.

It’s always interesting what designs we decide to go with.

This time Emily said she wanted to make a cat.  So, what did Ava want?  Of course, a cat too.  Who needs two cat pumpkins?  I guess we do.

We often flip through pictures online or stencils for ideas.  Or…I just put my ear close to the pumpkin and let it speak to me.

I think we did pretty good this year.  Creative thoughts.  Pretty good carving.

What was funny was watching Ava dive in to the ‘guts’ of the pumpkin.  She didn’t like it.  Emily used to be that way, but not anymore.  She jumped right in and cleaned a few.

Ava had more fun stabbing the pumpkin with one of the carving tools.

We got sticky and mucky, but it was a good few hours of fun.  Wonder what we’ll think of for next year!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Awesome 10th Anniversary Adventure! – the Teaser

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April and I just returned from an awesome 10th Anniversary Adventure.

We dropped the kids with April’s parents on Saturday (10/15), hopped a plane out to LA, then took a cruise down to Puerta Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

We just got back yesterday (10/23).  So, it was a nice several days of just the two of us.

We’ll post some more about the trip after we’ve recouped a bit.

But for now, wanted to leave you with a little taste of the fun we had!  Check it out:

Let’s Ride the Alligator!

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While Ava and I were leaving the fitness center the other day, she said, “Let’s ride the alligator!”

Obviously, I was a little confused.

“Alligator?”, I asked.

“Yes!”, she said and then grabbed my hand and took me to the elevator.

“See?  Alligator.”

Our Little MVP

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We’re really proud of Emily!

Since she started U-10 soccer, she has been at a litte bit of a disadvantage.  She’s not the oldest, biggest, fastest or most skilled.  But she proved that she definitely has heart. And she’s been steadily getting better.

Her team (who hasn’t lost a game all season) tied their game tonight (1-1).  It was hard fought as we were missing 3 girls tonight (2 of which were star players).  We field 8 girls, but only had 9 there tonight – so there weren’t many substitutions or breaks.

Emily played on the defense and she did a great job really playing her lane and position and attacking the other team’s offense.  She had a couple key defensive plays that stopped goals when we thought for sure the other team was going to get it.

As a result, she was named one of two MVPs for this game by the coaches.

Way to go Em!  Keep it up!

Generational Perspective

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Yesterday on the way to church, Emily asked me a profound generational question.

The conversation went something like this.

Emily:  “Dad, why do you take your Bible to church?  Why don’t you just use your iPad?”

Me:  “Because my Bible means a lot to me and I don’t want the pastor to think I’m playing Angry Birds.”

Emily:  “You’re so old fashioned.”

You’re in My Airspace!

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Earlier this week – April and I had lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (we’re liking that place!).

While there are lots of people there over the lunch hour, it is important to understand that a personal space etiquette must be adhered to.

Let me explain – April and I grabbed a high top table and sat down while waiting for our order.  But apparently some guy decided to stand next to our table while he waited for his order.  But he didn’t just stand “near” our table, he was right up against it – within arms length – facing the table – while on his blackberry.

It’s like he was “with us”, but he wasn’t with us.  Outside of saying, “Dude – can you please move?!” – we couldn’t say anything, because he was that close.  It was kind of creepy.

Who knows, maybe he was lonely.  Maybe he wanted in on our conversation.  Maybe he wanted my fries.

Regardless…..Mr. Man – if you see us again (and happen to read our blog) – please either stand at an un-awkward distance from our table and face in another direction OR just ask to join us.  Either will be less awkward for all involved.  Thank you.