The “Official” Family Photo

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It seems that year after year that we forget to go get an “official” family photo. We have pictures of the family, mind you, but few where we all get fixed up, coordinated and go to a professional photographer to take THE “official” photo. After three years of passing old photos in our hallway, and before Ava was old enough to figure out that she wasn’t in any of them, we decided that 2010 was the year to get a new “official” photo.

The experience itself was trying and stressful. Getting our girls to focus and even look at the camera at the same time was like trying to herd cats. Trying to coax a smile in this environment (and not that cheesy fake smile) was an effort. And I think for a moment, April and I were both a bit frazzled.

But the outcome of that split second where we were all in sync is something that warms my heart every time I see the photo when walking down my hallway. Any stress in that day is but a faded memory as compared to the vibrant joy in our smiles. Often, I stop and smile back at the photo just because I am so thankful for my beautiful family.


Bomp! Bomp! Bomp!

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Kids are so funny and mine are no exception. Tonight, my foot was hanging over the side of our armchair. Ava tried walking by, but she wasn’t paying attention and ran in to my foot with her chest. She looked at me inquisitively and I said, “Nice chest bump”. She got a grin on her face and then it started. For the next 10 minutes, she bumped her little chest against my foot over and over giggling and saying “bomp”. Amazing how kids are so easily amused.

Hello World!

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Welcome to the Jackson Family Life blog!

We are excited to be able to share our ‘goings on’ on this site.

Why the blog?  We love Facebook and its a great way to keep up with people, but sometimes you just need a little more space to tell the stories and share the experiences.  Especially with the antics of our little ones, limited space doesn’t always let us tell the full story.  So, expect us to do that here.  This is also the chronicle of our family life, which is often crazy, funny, and never dull.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we will enjoy posting!

~Jason and April