Memories of Mom #41

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IMG_0226Dearest Emi and Ava,

As of late, donuts have been a fave on Sunday mornings because I have to be at sound check for worship team at church early.

But what you may not know why we get our donuts from the doughnut shop that we do.

Well, for starters, your mom LOVED donuts.  Really.

In fact, her favorite was a chocolate iced donut.

But not just from any donut shop, she loved the chocolate iced donut from Shipley’s Do-Nuts.

It’s funny, because anytime we went to another donut shop, she would always say, “It’s just not the same.”  And then she’d give me this look of displeasure.  So, I always made every effort to find a Shipley’s.

IMG_0227A few years ago, they started opening up in Northwest Arkansas.  I remember driving by a “coming soon” site in Rogers, AR and your mom’s eyes lit up and she started pointing.  She just kept saying, “LOOK!  LOOK!” and was as giddy as can be.  Who get’s so excited over a Shipley’s D0-Nut shop?  Your mom.  That’s who.

And then one moved even closer to us, which meant we got to have donuts more frequently.  AND finally, one opened up in Bentonville this year.  Your mom knew it was coming, but wasn’t ever able to have a donut from there as it opened after she passed.  I know that she’d be so excited though.  …and we’d probably have donuts every day.  🙂    Just kidding.

I know you two are enjoying the donuts.  Emi, you get a regular glazed.  Ava, you’re following in your mom’s footsteps with the chocolate iced.  And of course, I usually go for an apple fritter (thanks to my dad) and/or an old fashion donut.

And while there may be better donuts out there somewhere, every time I go to Shipley’s I smile and think of your mom….and how if we go anywhere else, I’ll hear this little tiny voice saying, “It’s just not the same.”

I love these little reminders of your mom and I hope you do too.

I love you!




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