Memories of Mom #38

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Dearest Emi and Ava,

Sept-Oct 2009 085Today is your mom’s birthday.  She would have been 34 today.

Funny story….and I’m not quite sure how it started.

Early in our marriage, your mom and I were talking about her birthday and she was saying something about October 8th (which is her actual birth date), but jokingly, I was like, “Your birthday is on the 10th, not the 8th.”

All week before her birthday I kept telling her it was the 10th and that she was just messing with me.  And she would say, “You keep messing around, but if you forget my birthday I’m not going to be happy!”

IMG_0461Of course, I didn’t forget it and it was all laughs.

But then every year, I would do this to her.  In fact, one year I changed it on the calendar.  And she warned me, one of these times you’re going to mess up and forget my birthday.  And every year, I would get it right.

Until one year.  The 8th creeped up on me, but I thought I had time because I kept telling myself it was the 10th.  It was fixed with a late night run to Walmart the night before (which always yields an awesome gift).

So, if you ever find yourself in the same predicament, don’t mess with your spouse’s birth date – even in jest!

Here are some other important birthday facts you should know about your mom:

NUMBER 1:  Your mom never got wrapped up in “how old” she was (except I could tell it pained her a little when she turned 30….so old!).

NUMBER 2:  Your mom never asked for much hoopla around her birthday.  She was pretty low key when it came to her own event, but liked to put a lot more effort in to your birthdays.

IMG_7514NUMBER 3:  Your mom never asked for a lot of gifts….she was always content to receive whatever she received….although every so often I would get a nudge on something she was really interested in.  Now, I would try my darnedest to go above and beyond and surprise her.  Some years I did and some years it fell flat.  But her favorite gifts were the gifts of love that had meaning behind them.  The hand written cards from you two.  Or a shirt that she mentioned that she loved, but didn’t buy – but I snuck back and bought it.  She loved things that showed her that we loved her.

NUMBER 4:  Your mom liked to have fun.  As I scrolled back through pictures I saw where we had simple parties and dinners, attended Razorback games, movies, soccer games, went shopping, and even bowling one year.

NUMBER 5:  Your mom loved chocolate chip cookie cakes.  I don’t know why, but she did.  We got her one a couple times – most recently her 29th birthday.

NUMBER 6:  Your mom loved chocolate cake – sans the cookie.  This was by far her favorite dessert and the one we had most often year after year.

NUMBER 7:  Your mom loved chocolate ice cream.  Do you see a pattern here?

NUMBER 8:  Your mom hated when I told the restaurant staff that it was her birthday.  She didn’t like the singing and public attention.

IMG_0440NUMBER 9:  Your mom unwrapped gifts slowly.  It drove me nuts.  Just rip through it please.

NUMBER 10:  Your mom loved you both dearly – and even though it was her day – she did everything she could to ensure that you two always had a good day on her birthday.

Girls – your mom was awesome.  There is no two ways about it.  And I know we miss her, but it’s these kind of awesome memories that help keep her alive in our hearts and minds.

I hope that as you get older, your spouse and kids are able to pick out your fun facts.  But remember, never mess with your spouses actual birth date.  It can lead to disastrous results!

I love you.




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